Volunteer in the Blue House

The Sona Pushkar Project mostly works with locals from the community itself, but 
volunteers are also welcome throughout the year and much appreciated! 
We are mostly looking for volunteers who can:
- teach sports
- teach art
- teach English
- teach Math
- teach health care basics 
- teach geography & world knowledge
Other inputs are more than welcome. 
If you visit the Blue House as a volunteer, we will help you to find a place to stay. We have close connections with guesthouses or local families who are offering rooms from +30 euro a month. For the volunteer experience itself, we don't charge anything. Lunch and dinner are made in the Blue House, by one of the mothers of our schoolchildren. If you eat in the Blue House, you can give the mother a small donation of your choice. 
Apply here for voluntary work in the Blue House:
Volunteer in the Blue House

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Payment methods

Onderdeel van officiële stichting Ohmnia. KVK number: 69083177 

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