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A small contribution can have a life-changing impact. Get involved in the

Sona Pushkar Project and help us to transform more lives. 

How to help:

- Sponsor a child's education 

- Sponsor a family

- Sponsor school uniforms or schoolbooks

- Volunteer

- Donate

- Buy Pushkar products (retail or wholesale)

- Donate clothes / games / books / shoes

Donations and sponsoring



This project is funded by selling products from Pushkar, sponsorship and donations. Donations are much appreciated and are a 100% used for the project's expenses on Education, Shelter and Basic Life Needs. If you donate, you will receive an email with information on how your donation has been used.

Sponsor a Child's Education

By sponsoring a child's education, you can change a child's life forever. By educating this generation, the intergenerational cycle of poverty will end and this will create a ripple effect for future generations. It will also keep children off the streets to go begging. 

Sending one child to school for a year requires a €120; this includes: school fee for one year (€90), a uniform, books, and a schoolbag (30), which is paid to the local school (Javahar Public School) we work with.

 Sign up or e-mail me if you are interested in sponsoring a child!

Sponsor a family

All eleven families enrolled in this project receive monthly food packages. These food packages include enough food for the entire month, which prevents begging. The package includes 15 kg chapati flower, 5 kg rice, 2 kg oil, sugar, tea, daal and spices.  

In addition to the monthly food supply, our schoolchildren and their families receive hygiene and care products every month. This health and care package contains toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and washing powder. The monthly food and care package costs €8 per family.

Sign up to sponsor a family for a month or few below.

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