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The Sona Pushkar Project is expanding! 40 children are now enrolled in the local JPS school that we co-manage and there are plenty of underprivileged children in Pushkar that are still in need of help. After three years of managing the project by myself, I am looking for motivated people to start a team of volunteers. The team will be active from February 2020 until June 2020. The team will meet once every two weeks or once a month, depending on all our schedules. Throughout the semester, there is also the opportunity to become an official boardmember of the Sona Pushkar Project. 

The main tasks that the team will work on are:

- Brainstorming about existing or new projects

             Existing projects: mainstream education, tuition, teen education, women employment, child rights, poverty                       alleviation, primary life needs.

             Potential new projects: women rights, adult literacy, sports and art program, health care.

- Fundraising and organizing events 

- Social media 

- Designing jewelry and handmade products 

- Contacting potential retailers and sponsors 


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Onderdeel van officiële stichting Ohmnia. KVK number: 69083177 

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