Basic Life Needs

The families of our school children lack basic human needs, income, housing and rights. The families live in absolute poverty, deprived of basic capabilities. This project is supporting the deeply disadvantaged families of our schoolchildren, who are lacking gainful employment and economic and social security. We give the children the basic opportunity of functional education. In addition, we support these families with some primary life needs needs, such as monthly food, rent houses, gas stoves, clothes, water tanks, mattresses, a roof and waterproof tents.
These expenses are funded by the silver sale and donations.

All families of our schoolchildren receive monthly food packages, filled with flower, rice, lentils, oil, salt, sugar and spices.

Monthly Food

All families of our schoolchildren receive hygiene and care products, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and washing powder.

Health care and Hygiene

Donated clothes and shoes are given to our schoolchildren on a regular basis.

Clothes and shoes

We rented houses for five of our project's families. We also built two houses ourselves.


We supply waterproof shelter for the families of the project.

Waterproof tents and roofs

We supply gas stoves and watertanks used for cooking, showering and washing clothes.

Watertanks and Gas stoves
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Payment methods

Onderdeel van officiële stichting Ohmnia. KVK number: 69083177 

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