The Sona Pushkar Project is a non-profit organization founded to support disadvantaged families living in tents in the desert of Pushkar (Rajasthan - India). By means of Education, Employment and Primary Life Needs we help these families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty and improve their living standards. We send over 40 children growing up in absolute poverty to the local school. In our project center 'the Blue House', we provide tuition and lunch after school. In addition, we employ the parents and supply basic life needs such as monthly food and shelter. To fund the project, we sell silver and products handmade by parents from Pushkar.




The project is largely funded by the sale of silver jewelry from Pushkar
and products handmade by the mothers of our school children.

100% of the profit of the handmade products made by the mothers of our schoolchildren is given to the woman who made the product. This is the families' main form of income.

Change a child's

life through education. 

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Onderdeel van officiële stichting Ohmnia. KVK number: 69083177 

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